my name is Leah. I’ve been in tech for over 2 decades. I founded 4 startups and crashed two of those into the wall in a spectacular fashion.

I’m the Head of Product at (End-to-end Machine Learning in Weather) and lead the core product at Smallpdf scaling to over 32 million monthly active users per month in 3 years.

I specialize in product-led growth in B2B / Sales-led and share my experiences with no-frills, actionable and operationalizable.

General inquiries:, I have more detailed term sheets on all items below.

Consulting / Advising

Weekly 1h sessions on retainer. My typical clients are B2B sales-led businesses with at least 5mio and less than 100mio ARR.

Pricing: Custom

PLG Workshop

Custom Workshop based on your immediate needs.

Pricing: Half day USD 8’000$ / Full day USD 15’000$

Sponsoring - Podcast / Substack

I don’t do podcast or substack sponsoring. If I like a particular product I might write about it in a connected article. Contact me:

Pricing: > USD 2’000$

Public Speaking

If you have a podcast, webinar, or have bigger events reach out to

I only do paid engagements (travel, accommodation plus speakers fee or exceptional organization and recordings for lead generation) for conferences that charge their visitors money.

Exceptions: Social causes and charity.

Pricing: Conference Workshops / Keynote: ~5’000$

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Decoding the future of product management in the age of AI and Machine Learning.


Product-led Growth / Sales, Growth, and Org scaling in B2B without the bs.